List of 10 Safe New Moneta Online Casinos

Moneta is a payment method that has become very popular in the Russian Federation and is used by most Russian-based casinos. It acts as a digital wallet for online payments, ideal when signing up with a new online casino.

It is the largest system of its kind in Russia. The company is working alongside more than two dozen companies to offer payment services. The advantage of using this type of system is that the user can keep their online transactions at new casinos separate from their bank account details. The process is easy to use and can help to keep personal information secure.

About MonetaDeposit with Moneta
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About Moneta

Moneta has become most popular in Russian Federation companies. The company was founded in 2005 and is owned by NCO (LLC). It did not take long for it to become a popular payment method when playing at new online casinos. The company has been given a licence from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This is seen as a guarantee of the quality and reliability of the service it provides.

There are only four currencies that are supported by Moneta. These are the Russian ruble, the Euro, the American dollar and the British pound. Anyone who wants to use Moneta as their payment method with their preferred new casino online will need to check first if this is an accepted payment method.

It should be noted that the majority of casinos that aim their services at US-based customers do not accept Moneta as a payment method, so anyone who lives in the US may need to look for a new online casino that is based elsewhere if they want to use Moneta.

Most UK casinos will accept players that live in Russia, so it is possible to use Moneta as a payment method if you are based in the UK as there it is easy to handle conversion between the currencies.

Deposit with Moneta

Deposits into the Moneta e-wallet can be made using a variety of different methods including Visa and Mastercard as well as PaySpark. There is also the option to use other e-wallets alongside Moneta such as Neteller. Anyone who wants to transfer money between Moneta wallets can do so instantaneously. Now, players can go to the new online casino account, select Moneta as their deposit option, and then proceed to complete the transaction.

It is quite easy to withdraw monies from Moneta. However, the process can take a few days as the transaction has to be verified. Once that process has been completed the funds should appear in the user’s bank account within one day. Both deposits and withdrawals using Moneta are smoother than standard bank transfers.

As Moneta is accepted as a payment method by a number of new online casinos, it is possible that the user can carry out a transaction via their mobile phone if the casino supports mobile play.

Daily deposit limits will depend upon the new casino being used and also any limits that are applied by the individual’s bank, so it is important for the player to consult with their bank before completing a transaction to ensure that there are no restrictions that will hold up the process.

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