List of 10 Safe New PaysafeCard Online Casinos

In the past few years, a significant improvement has been witnessed in deposit methods in new online casinos. This notwithstanding, society is still skeptical regarding most online payment methods. Today, most online shoppers, including gamblers, prefer using prepaid cards such as paysafecard. This prepaid card has become a darling to many new casinos online because of its exceptional security.

Paysafecard is a pioneer in online prepaid payment methods. Besides, the cards are available in thousands of eCommerce shops online. Therefore, online gamblers looking for a safe and convenient payment method for their new casinos online, find paysafecard ideal. Read on to see why this card is among the leading deposit methods in casinos worldwide.

List of 10 Safe New PaysafeCard Online Casinos
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What is paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a leading prepaid method that has become popular with new casinos online. It offers a secure and safe prepaid method for online transactions. It’s an ideal deposit method in casinos globally. With this card, online gamblers can easily deposit funds into their new casinos online.

Moreover, paysafecard does not require users to share banking details across sites. In addition, users can access a free mobile app for Android and iOS devices. This enables them to store their codes in one location. Also, users can make direct mobile payments via QR codes from mobile apps. Paysafecard mobile app lets users check balances across multiple codes instantly.

One main reason why paysafecard is popular with online gamblers is that they remain anonymous when transacting online. Users don’t have to share personal information when completing a transaction in their new casinos online. They only need a 16-digit code that comes with the card.

As the maximum card limit is $100, users can limit how much they can spend or lose should they encounter any form of fraud.

For players searching for a quick, safe, and convenient payment method for new online casinos, paysafecard is the answer. It will also help them limit overspending on their online gaming ventures.

Deposit with paysafecard

Paysafecard is among the most sought-after prepaid payment methods for online gamblers. The good news is, paysafecard vouchers are available in over 650,000 outlets globally. Therefore, when one chooses to use a paysafecard for their new online casino, their first task is to visit a paysafecard vendor, whether online or physically.

After visiting the outlet, the user will be prompted to exchange their cash for a paysafecard with a 16-digit PIN. The cards are available in $100, $50, $25, and $10. The PIN serves as their card number, and it’s what they’ll input in their new online casino. Users can buy a maximum of ten paysafecard PINs at once.

When purchasing the cards, the vendor will not ask for personal information, such as the person’s credit card number. All the buyer should do is store or protect their 16-digit PIN. Once they get the 16-digit PIN, the online gambler can log onto their new online casino and present it as payment. Also, users can visit the paysafecard website and check their card balance.

Paysafecard is fast and seamless in casinos that accept it. Whether one is withdrawing or depositing, the entire process rarely takes more than a minute.

Remember, only individuals over 18 years are legally permitted to use paysafecard on betting sites. Besides using the card for online betting, users can purchase the card as a gift for someone else.

How to make a withdrawal with paysafecard?

Some payment methods are accepted for deposits at new casinos but cannot be used to withdraw. This can become cumbersome since most players usually have one preferred method for their transactions. The advantage of using paysafecard is that it can be used for both deposits and withdrawals.

Withdrawals are fast and immediate, and take only 24 hours to reflect on the player's paysafecard.

Trusted paysafecard casino sites

Thanks to its many advantages, paysafecard is almost universally accepted in online casinos. Casinos that accept paysafecard as a method of payment are no longer counted. In fact, it's easier to find those that accept it than those that reject it.

That said, players need to select new online casinos suitable for them. To begin with, it is advisable for the player to choose a casino that is legally allowed to operate in their country or region. Most casinos will notify the player when they try to log in if the region from which they log on is subject to some restrictions.

Secure Paysafecard Casinos

Besides legal issues, the player should always play in a casino that guarantees their safety and security. Both your money and communication should be safe and confidential. Reading reviews will often reveal whether a casino has safety issues.

Having an encryption-certified website is also an indicator of security. The sites listed here, for instance, all use end-to-end encryption. This means that anything shared with the site cannot be intercepted by third parties while in transit. An easy way to identify a secure site is to check whether it has a https or HTTP address. The former is secure while the latter could subject you to security risks.

History of paysafecard

Paysafecard began its operations in Austria, where it was launched in 2000. It was the brainchild of four Austrians with a dream of making money transfer more efficient. The company, supported by IBM, was an instant hit, and soon expanded to Germany in 2004.

Success kept coming and, in 2005, backed by the EU, paysafecard expanded further to the UK, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Greece. That set the pace for growth, and it hit over 40 countries worldwide by 2020. Paysafecard took over similar entities, Ukash and Wallie along the way before it was itself gained by Skrill in 2015.

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