Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are the forms of information collected from a user's IP address that keep track of which websites have been visited. The website then reads these files every time a user visits the site again.

Cookies do several different jobs. Websites use cookies for a variety of reasons, and they help ensure that everything runs smoothly.

How we use cookies website, as well as any other domains associated with the brand, are subject to this policy. At CasinoRank, cookies are used to ensure the smooth running of the website.

The cookies used at CasinoRank do not save any personal information about users, such as their names, addresses, or payment information. The user can disable cookies whenever by turning them off in the Settings section of their browser.

Please note that if all cookies are turned off, some functions of the website may not work as intended.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are those necessary for basic functionality of the website. Turning these off can result in CasinoRank not being able to present the services and general purpose as intended. The cookies are enabled without the users' consent, but they can be turned off in the Settings section of the browser.

Nonessential cookies

Although these cookies improve the general user experience, they are not necessary for the website to function. These are mainly collectors of statistics, such as user counting, as well as how users navigate the website.

Cookies used on this website

We use the following cookies at CasinoRank:

  • Google Analytics. This is a marketing optimization tool that allows us to collect general information about website users when they visit the site. This can include what pages they visit, how long they stay on the site and how many users visit the website during different timespans. Private information is never stored.
  • Matomo. Matomo is another marketing optimization tool similar to Google Analytics. This tool gathers general information about the user and helps us to optimize the website according to who visits it.