List of 10 Safe New EPS Online Casinos

EPS is a good example of an online payment method that is not widely used internationally for various reasons, yet one of the best options for new casinos online and some individuals. It is particularly popular in Austria. Over time, more and more online casinos in the international market are adding it as a deposit option, a testament to how good the company’s services are.

There are numerous methods of depositing money to online gaming accounts. Any perceptive punter should choose the most suitable payment method based on convenience, cost, security, and many other factors other than the number of people using the deposit method.

List of 10 Safe New EPS Online Casinos
Deposit with EPSWhat is EPS?
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Deposit with EPS

A player can make deposits to their betting accounts quite easily using EPS. The main condition is that the player must have an active account with any bank included in the EPS network. Nearly all the major banks in Austria are part of the network, meaning most residents can access the services. It is also essential that players ensure that the new online casino they want to deposit is EPS friendly.

For starters, a player has to visit the casino website and log in using their details to make the deposit. They should then navigate to the site to the banking page and click on the EPS option to initiate the deposit process. The system will then allow the player to select their preferred banking institution, after which it will redirect to the banking account.

To authorize the payment from the bank account, the player has to log in using the correct credentials, input the desired deposit amount, and submit the transfer request. Unlike some deposit methods casinos, it usually takes only a few seconds to a few minutes for the transfer to be approved and for the funds to appear on the casino account if everything is done correctly.

What is EPS?

EPS is the acronym for Electronic Payment System. Generally, it refers to an online payment solution that utilizes debit cards. EPS was created by some Austrian banks that sought to make online payments more efficient and secure.

Currently, more than 80% of all online merchants accept EPS as a method of payment. About 90% of all online casinos in Austria also accept deposits via EPS. Such numbers are a good indication of the quality of money transfer services EPS offers.

Among the reasons behind the success of EPS in both old and new casinos online, are the amazing features. Immediate confirmation of payments, API and HPP-supported integrations, quick processing of refunds, and top security are some of the main features players get from EPS. Players also do not need to go through the tedious processes of registration as customers are usually enrolled automatically.

As the most popular online payment method in Austria, EPS is a great option for betting sites, especially for the new casinos. That is because it helps boost customer conversion and increase the number of players in the casino, given that most of the residents use it.

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