10 New Gambling Sites Available in Monaco

Monaco is one of the smallest nations in the world, but also a gambling Mecca of sorts. This small nation seems to be the perfect gambling destination, located along the Mediterranean coast.

Even though the country is known for its amazing land-based casinos around the capital, Monte Carlo, the online casino industry is fast gaining traction. There are still no locally licensed online casinos, leaving online players with the option of signing up at offshore new casinos. To date, Monaco strives to bolster the gambling industry in various ways.

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New Casinos in Monaco

Monaco is famous for attracting many people with wealth due to favorable tax laws. The location and weather are the principality's main draw. French is the official language, and English, Italian and Monegasque are all spoken.

New online casinos have been flocking Monaco’s gaming market. With both new and existing casinos available to Monaco players, picking the best from the huge variety of new casinos online can be a tough call. That is where we come in – to help players choose the best new online casinos in Monaco to make an informed choice about where they will be placing their wagers.

History of Gambling in Monaco

The history of gambling in Monaco has been instrumental in shaping the gambling environment and the identity it enjoys today. In the 1800s, the prince of Monaco Charles III introduced some gambling restrictions, which aimed to attract international players key among the English upper class and restrict local players, which served to boost the national fiscal position.

Over the years, Monaco has earned the reputation of being the gambling hub for the rich and famous. The 1863 Monte Carlo Casino is Monaco's gambling industry's icon. This casino has been a paradise for casino players to date.

Gambling in Monaco Nowadays

Even though the gambling industry happens to be anchored around the capital, this small county is still held in high regard in gambling matters. With five local casinos, the locals frequent new online casinos. There have been plans to ban online casino gaming in recent years, but it remains that locals find ways of placing their wagers at new casino sites online on their favorite casino games.

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