10 New Gambling Sites Available in Laos

Laos is a landlocked Southeast Asian country on the Indochinese peninsula. The nation share borders with Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and China. The total population of Laos is 6.5 million people on a land area of 236.800 sq km. The official language is Laotian, and Thai is the second language.

Casino gambling is illegal and forbidden in Laos, and there's no gambling commission supervising and regulating these games. However, Laotian locals looking to play new casino games can visit foreign sites for multiple options.

10 New Gambling Sites Available in Laos
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New Casinos in Laos

Laos is located in Southeast Asia and is well known for its mountainous terrain, Buddhist monasteries, French colonial architecture, and hill tribe settlements. The last census report indicated the country has a population of over seven million people. Sports and playing games are among the fun and recreational activities for which the Laotians are known. As a result, there has been a significant increase in the number of new online casinos in the country, and in those which provide betting opportunities on sports events. In addition to betting, a new casino online also offers a variety of casino games that are fun and entertaining to play.

The popularity of the new casinos is growing at a rapid rate. However, the casinos currently operating in the country are offshore-based as the government does not issue casino licenses.

History of Gambling in Laos

Laos does not have a rich history of gambling. However, there were some small-scale forms of gambling on various sports decades ago. Punters would bet agricultural products and animals against each other on which party would win. As years passed by, gambling became less common. That was mostly because of the restricting laws of the predominantly Buddhist country. Eventually, the government passed laws that made gambling illegal in the country.

Gambling in Laos Nowadays

Currently, gambling is still technically illegal in the country. However, things began to change in 2007 when three large-scale traditional casinos were allowed to operate legally. Those casinos were limited to only the Special Economic Zone. The significant changes in the casino world in Laos mainly came via online casinos. Online casinos are still illegal, but the government does not actively restrict its citizens from accessing offshore-based online casinos. As a result, more and more international casinos allow Laotians to register for gaming accounts.

The number of Laotians who actively gamble in new online casinos is also increasing quite significantly. That is thanks to the creative marketing of the online casinos, fueled by the stiff competition in the industry. Increased access to mobile devices and the internet has also played a significant part in it.

Future of New Online Casinos in Laos

The future of new online casinos in Laos is still relatively uncertain, even though the casino industry is currently growing. The government has made no direct or active efforts to stop online gambling, which indicates that the growth of online casinos is likely to continue. On the other hand, the government has not given any indications of relaxing or withdrawing its laws against online casinos. Which in turn brings a lot of uncertainty.

Experts predict that new online casinos based offshore will continue to appear and thrive in the country. Given that the government can benefit economically, they are more likely to be adamant about stopping the growth. Another reason is that restricting the citizens from accessing online casinos is getting more difficult, despite the country's low population. That is especially the case due to growing internet connectivity in the country, which increases accessibility to the casinos.

New online casino sites will also likely increase their marketing efforts to attract more players from the country. Increasing bonus offers and adding payment methods that are preferable to the Laotians could attract more players from the country.

As generations of leaders change in the government, there is also a possibility that the laws will change in favor of new online casinos. However, that will likely come with several conditions and requirements meant to protect the citizens.

Laotian Players' Favorite Games

  • Baccarat enjoys significant popularity in Laos. That mostly is because Baccarat is a game of chance. The Laotians consider luck to be fate, aligning well with their cultural belief in fate, hence their love for the game.

  • Mahjong is another popular casino game in Laos. The table game, played with dominoes, originated in Asia and has been played in the country for many decades.

  • The popularity of poker in online casinos has been growing over the last decade in Laos. It is the common choice for punters looking for games that are not entirely luck-based.

  • Slot games are also common among Laotians. That is especially the case among new punters because of how easy it is to play the game.

Payment Methods in Laos

Since Laotians play on offshore online casinos, they usually use international payment options. The most common payment method used is e-wallets. That is because they are easy to use, and transactions made through them are usually fast. Examples include Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller.

Another common option is prepaid cards. They are particularly common among Laotians who like to travel.

Cryptocurrencies are also gaining some popularity as a payment method in Laos. That is especially among the individuals who prefer covering gambling traces that lead back to them. That is because cryptocurrencies payments do not require or expose personal details as various other alternatives do.

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