10 New Gambling Sites Available in Iran

Iran is a large, rich, important country with a powerful industry. With over 80 million inhabitants, this country has long had a huge cultural influence on all its neighbors. The Persian civilization is one of the oldest in the world. Since 1979 Iran has been experiencing a turbulent political situation, and also in its international relations, following the establishment of a theocracy. This has affected business and gambling in particular.

Before 1979, Iran was a country with western laws, but after its Islamisation, aspects such as gambling were forbidden. Despite the ban, many Iranians are now playing in online casinos. But is it a smart idea to gambling in Iran?

About Iran
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About Iran

Iran is a state in the Middle East and West Asia and one place where the oldest civilizations of mankind lived. It is also the eighteenth largest country in the world with 1,648,195 km² of territory. Its population is over 80 million people belonging to various ethnic groups.

Theoretically, Iran is a constitutional republic based on the principles of Shiite Islam. The political system combines elements of an authoritarian Islamic theocracy with democracy. The political and armed conflicts with the United States since the last century are internationally known. The Iranian economy is dominated by hydrocarbon production. Gambling and casinos are prohibited.

Online Casinos and Betting in Iran: All You Need to Know

In Iran, gambling is prohibited, according to Islamic law. However, these laws are not enforced and many Iranians play in online casinos.

What to Find at New Casino Sites

The online casino world is constantly evolving and changing. Many traditional players prefer to bet on the platforms they have been playing on for years. But the new online casino sites have a lot to offer. One of the most attractive aspects is that new online casinos usually come with the latest technological updates that will make a great experience to play and bet with colors and good performance.

New casino sites offer their users the most recently launched games. That way, if the player wants to be updated with the latest news, a new casino site is ideal.

Online Casinos in Iran

Iranian law doesn't specifically condemn online casinos. However, as many Muslim countries, gambling is prohibited in line with Islamic law, it can be assumed that online casinos are also banned in Iran.

The difference here is that in Iran neither the police nor security agency actively pursue people who make bets in online casinos. Despite the ban, there is no enforcement of the penalty, and therefore many Iranians can play, and many online casinos accept Iranians without a problem.

The main problem that can arise is with the deposit or withdrawal because the Iranian financial system is sanctioned and therefore, a player has to choose crypto currencies or virtual wallets.

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