List of 10 Safe New Google Pay Online Casinos

Google Pay has recently been relaunched with a host of new and innovative features, including tap-to-pay and peer-to-peer payments. Google Pay is available on both Android and Apple (iOS) devices (including phones, tablets and watches). This makes Google Pay the perfect payment platform for new casinos online as well.

It is a digital wallet that allows for contactless payment across many platforms, and seeks to compete not only with similar online contactless payment methods, but online banks too. It does this by syncing with certain banks, allowing you to bank from within the Google Pay application, allowing you to streamline your online banking portfolio with Google Pay and any online purchases or platforms, such as loading funds into a new online casino account, providing a quick and easy transfer and allowing punters to get playing smoothly.

List of 10 Safe New Google Pay Online Casinos
About Google PayDeposit with Google Pay
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About Google Pay

As suggested by its name, Google Pay has been developed by Google, the leading technology company specialising in internet based products and services, and it therefore makes sense that this would be the perfect payment method to use in conjunction with new online casinos.

Google Pay is the newest offering from a rapidly expanding Google. Google was founded in 1998, and since then, has continued to grow exponentially, being synonymous initially with internet search engines, and more recently, phone and tablet operating systems, email servers, cloud storage, web browsers, web based advertising, maps, and the list continues to grow.

Google Pay was initially released in 2011 as Google Wallet and thereafter in 2015 as Android Pay. These two platforms were then combined in 2018 to create Google Pay, whereafter it was then redesigned to create the Google Pay as we know it today.

Google Pay is currently available in 42 countries worldwide such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, and Canada, to name a few. This means that new casinos online around the world can add it as a payment method to attract players from a host of different countries.

Deposit with Google Pay

Depositing funds into an online account, such as a deposit at a new online casino, is easy and hassle free.

First, you would need to confirm whether your bank is compatible with Google Pay, however, all major banks in the 42 countries where Google Pay is available are affiliated.

Google Pay operates as an application on a device, where the user adds their card or bank account details to the application. The user can then simply tap-to-pay using their device for physical purchases, alternatively, use to pay for online purchases wherever the “Buy with G Pay” logo is displayed. This is particularly useful for use for new online casinos, as there is ease of use in not having to re-enter your card details every time you wish to load funds, and further, it offers greater security.

Once you have made a payment using Google Pay once, you can choose to re-use that information for future deposits, by selecting it as a default payment method. This allows for quick and seamless deposits into your new online casino account when you are wanting to top up to play the top new casino games.

Because Google Pay is directly linked to your card or bank account, there is no daily limit, unless there is a limit already placed on that specific card or account, allowing uninterrupted play.

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