Top-rated New gambling sites in Hong Kong

Playing online casinos is popular among Hong Kong citizens, but many people often access new online casino sites away from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has strict laws in place for gambling. Horse racing, sports betting and lottery is the only betting permitted under law in Hong Kong. However, all the best new online casino games can be accessed in Macau and other locations close by.

The newest and most innovative casino games with the best software on the market can be accessed by Hong Kong citizens looking for entertainment away from the country.

Top-rated New gambling sites in Hong Kong
New Casino Sites in Hong KongAre Casinos legal in Hong Kong?
New Casino Sites in Hong Kong

New Casino Sites in Hong Kong

There are 7.3 million people in Hong Kong and it is known for its skyline, commerce, excellent food and its dense living in a strategic part of South East Asia. Hong Kong has 263 islands and is a close ferry ride to Macau, where many people visit casinos because of the strict laws against casinos and many forms of gambling in Hong Kong. The country remains one of Asia's most strategic commercial and transit hubs.

Hong Kong has heavy penalties in place for using online casinos in Hong Kong. Online poker is a gray area of the law and many people catch the ferry to Macau to avoid any issues.

There are no licensed old or new online casinos in Hong Kong, but people can still play on some online poker sites. However, players should check the restricted countries list before playing.

Offshore gaming sites are still used by Hong Kong players. However, an added level of protection can be got in Macau.

There are many casino options for Hong Kong players using English and Chinese online away from Hong Kong, however, the options are limited in the country.

Benefits of New Casinos

New casino sites are known for their newest online casino games and up-to-date technology. Playing at a new online casino also offers better navigation, speed, and more interaction. It's a unique experience.

New online casinos have the most innovation. Live casino games with real land-based locations and Optical Character Recognition are just one example of innovation.

The newest online casinos also try to improve navigation, design and speed so that players can have the most enjoyable and most interactive experience.

New casinos also offer the most modern payment methods, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. They also use the most modern encryption methods.

New Casino Sites in Hong Kong