Top 10 Perfect Money New Casinos

With a host of online payment methods to choose from, transacting with new casinos online has never been easier with Perfect Money. It is one of the most convenient internet financial services that allow punters to hold and transfer money in traditional and digital currencies.

The number of new online casinos accepting Perfect Money is growing steadily, especially in the European region. Players are attracted to the service because of its speed and security. This page enlightens gamblers on the mechanism of Perfect Money and how to use it for deposits at new internet casinos.

About Perfect MoneyDeposit with Perfect Money
About Perfect Money

About Perfect Money

Perfect Money was founded in 2007 by several programmers, economists, and bankers. The inventors wanted to improve the existing payment systems for merchants and consumers. Their innovation turned into a network that allows instant transactions across Russian and international borders. It is based in Switzerland and licensed in Panama.

Users can open personal or business accounts to receive money, store funds, and buy currencies over the internet. The electronic payment solution works with euros, US dollars, Bitcoin, and gold funds. Perfect Money offers other services, including integrated merchant tools, recurring payments, and credit exchanges. This means users can analyze forex trends before making informed decisions on savings.

Perfect Money mainly caters to new Russian casinos online in the gambling world. Perfect Money casinos accept players from Russia, the US, the UK, Ukraine, and other European countries. Gamblers who’ve long waited to spin reels at real money casino sites will find the optimal conditions for this with Perfect Money as the deposit method.

A bettor simply needs to fund their casino account to access all the new casino features and spins. If they succeed in making a winning bet, their profit goes to their account. It is also possible to withdraw the winnings with Perfect Money.

About Perfect Money
Deposit with Perfect Money

Deposit with Perfect Money

Playing on a mobile device at a Perfect Money casino is straightforward. The method is an e-wallet system, which holds money like a regular bank account. While it is not directly connected to a bank account, it can be funded through various banking methods such as bank wire, Bitcoin, instant bank transfer, e-currency, cash terminal, prepaid e-voucher, and certified exchange partner. Perfect Money cash terminals are usually found in Russia and Ukraine.

Perfect Money is an excellent way to organize online gambling expenditure since the player can store funds on the e-wallet and track the transactions. The user can load their account with any amount between $50 and $100,000 per transaction. Balances on the account accrue interest, so the users have an incentive to keep funds for longer rather than spend it all.

Once accounts are loaded with funds, players at new casinos online can use it for depositing by taking the steps below:

  1. Choose a Perfect Money casino
  2. Go to the deposit section and select Perfect Money
  3. Enter how much to deposit
  4. A secure Perfect Money site will pop up
  5. Log in and confirm the payment

Since Perfect Money has a withdrawal range of $2 to $100,000 per transaction, the same limit applies when depositing at a new online casino. Processing fees are 0.5% of the transaction amount. Most of the time, the casino pays this charge and not the player. The deposit time is instant.

Deposit with Perfect Money