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Comoros is an independent island country in the waters of the Mozambique Channel. It is surrounded by Mozambique to the east, and the African continent coast, and Madagascar to the west.

The total number of residents on the sovereign island of Comoros is less than a million with different spoken languages. The official language exists as a Bantu language, Comorian Swahili. Other spoken languages are Arabic and French.

This jurisdiction is well-known in online gambling circles, with several new casinos online targeting Comoros punters.

New Casinos in ComorosHistory of Gambling in ComorosAre Casinos Legal in Comoros?
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New Casinos in Comoros

New Casinos in Comoros

The Comoros Islands are Africa's least populous nations, with around 800,000 people. Comoros is predominantly an Islamic nation, with close to 98% of the residents being Sunni Muslims. Interestingly, unlike most Islamic countries, gambling is allowed on these islands.

Most online casino operators offering their services to the residents should obtain a license. Comorian punters currently have two land-based casinos located in Grande Comore and Moroni. There are also at least two licensed online casino operators in the country. However, some punters prefer exploring other new online casinos licensed in credible jurisdictions, provided they accept players from Comoros.

New Casinos in Comoros
History of Gambling in Comoros

History of Gambling in Comoros

Comoros has a pretty recent gambling history considering that the country only gained independence in 1975 from the French. Two years later, in 1977, the then-president Ali Soilih legalized all forms of land-based gambling. These included poker, lotteries, and sports betting. While the gambling laws were inadequate, Comorian punters remained active. In addition, in 1998, a new draft law was introduced that introduced the gambling act.

In 1999, the Computer Gambling Licensing Act was passed on the Island of Anjouan. This new act served to open doors to international casinos to the country provided they obtained a gambling license. Ever since the 1999 regulation, the extent of the development in this industry has been on a high.

Gambling in Comoros Nowadays

As mentioned before, casino gambling is legal in Comoros. New casino sites targeting Comorians must apply for a license and pay a licensing fee to operate in the country legally. On the other hand, there aren't any known laws that prevent the locals from gambling, whether at local or new international online casino sites.

It should be worth noting that some parameters could be stopping the Comorian gambling industry from realizing its potential. For instance, the country's internet penetration rate has been a significant obstacle, less than 15%.

As it stands, the conditions might not be ideal for local or foreign operators targeting Comorian punters. However, things are fast changing to make the conditions right.

Future of Online Gambling in Comoros

A closer look at the Comoros gambling market shows some standout positives. Key among these favorable projections is a growth fuelled by its friendly licensing systems. In addition, innovative development and increased access to the internet could soon catapult online gambling to record highs.

History of Gambling in Comoros
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